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Operating in a Deiversified Manner
With an experienced and creative team, we are able to work with our national partners in assisting them to grow their brand in Hong Kong. With the success of owning the No.1 Tea brand “Tao Ti”, we have also helped grow and operate our affiliated brands including: Yellowtail, Remy Martin, Jagermeister, Redbull, Pepsi, Oatly and more.
Target Marketing
At present, we have been acting as an agent of well-known brands all across the globe. We are looking forward to continue our growth and introducing more brands that can improve consumer life in Hong Kong.
With more than 30 years of experience and insight of the Hong Kong market, we can develop more brand marketing position, create the best sales strategy, as well as marketing strategies that is tailored to each brand.
We are constantly adapting to the needs and changes of the Hong Kong market, allowing our brands to be readily available in on-trade, off-trade as well as e-commerce platforms.
Reach Target audience more Effectively.
We understand the needs and characteristics of each distribution channel in Hong Kong. With over years of established connections, we are able to fit each brand into the right distribution channel that it can further expand in. In addition, we have set up our own logistics team to ensure we meet the delivery demands to all our customers across Hong Kong.
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