[yellow tail]

[yellow tail] is produced by Casella family based in Yenda, Australia who has produced wines since the 1820s in Italy. In 1957 the Casella family, headed by Filippo Casella and his wife Maria, moved to Australia for a better life. The style of the wines is vibrant, fun and full of freshness of fruit. It is a perfect choice for everyday drinking.

• No.1 imported wine and restaurant wine in the USA
• No.1 Most powerful wine brand - Wine Intelligence's Global Brand Power Index
• No.5 Best Selling wine brand in the world
• In 2004, Casella's winemaking team collected two of the Australian winemaking's most coveted awards - The Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy for the [yellow tail] Premium Cabernet Sauvignon 2003, and in the same year the Stodart Trophy for the [yellow tail] Premium Shiraz 2003

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