LLANLLYR SOURCE water comes from a source beneath organic fields in unspoilt and unpullted West Wales in the United Kingdom. The same sources provide drinking water for over 800 years. Contemporary packaging bottles with distinctively soft quality taste and purity make the water one of best selling premium water brands in the UK.

Product Highlights:
• Pure water has been drawn from certified organic land
• The fields of Llanllyr have been organically farmed for the last 300 years
• A carbon neutral organization
• Official sponsor of Just a Drop
• Judged Best British tasting Water
• Obtained the Green Dragon Environmental Standard Level 5 - the highest standard that can be achieved
• Received The Queen's Awards for Enterprises
• Natural Spring water coveted by elite chefs and connoisseurs around the globe
• Recognized low minerality which is safety for drinking
• Often coined the "Champagne of Sparkling Waters" for its Sparkling Water
• Distributed in local 5-6 Stars Hotel and Club Houses

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